Friday, June 17, 2011

And I'm back

So, it's starting all over again. I know, it’s more than cliché (I googled a lot but just couldn’t find the extreme word for cliché) for me to call it another re-entry in the blogosphere. I've entered and exited a lot many times, so many times that I have just lost the count. By now, even I should not be trusting myself to keep up the tempo and stay here for too long. However, despite all those self-realizations; I somehow got tempted to write again. There are a lot many things running through my mind and am yet to decide on what note should I start. Last all beginnings were on higher levels, so this time I want it to be a low-key affair. Hopefully, I would come up with something interesting for my next post; till then, ta ta!

P.S. - Forgot to welcome you all, for this would-be-wonderful journey!

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