Monday, August 15, 2011

The Independence Day

Wish you all my countrymen a very happy independence day!

This past one year has been a year or turmoil for our nation; however I strongly feel that it was one of the best years in the history of independent India. Now, this might catch some people with surprise or shock that how could I say it!
How could I say it for the year which had another cowardly terrorist attack on my karmabhoomi Mumbai?
How could I say it for the year which saw inflation touching new levels?
How could I say it for a year embraced with peaks of corruption?

I'm here not to discuss any of the above issues, not today.  Each one of them deserves a separate post from me, and I'll try to give them proper justice. However, my focus for the day is our 64th independent year. And hence, coming back to the questions; if we re-read them, we will see that the answer is hidden somewhere in those questions themselves. These all issues existed earlier too in one way or other, however we were never been able to voice our opinions out so clearly. Have you ever wondered, why? Was it lack of freedom? Of course, not (except for that horrific period of emergency). Was it lack of intellectuals? Hell, no. Then, what was it? What was so distinguishing last year? I call it- awareness; intellectuals may though like to garnish it with some other better-sounding and more fitting names.

This was the year of broaching. Everyone of us (let's say, most of us) broached about one thing or another, whether on our social networking profiles or through (micro)blogging. Mediums changed but not the idea. This year around, the philosophy was pretty simple- Ab Bas! I don't know how long will we go on this journey as we have a knack to forget things quickly; but somewhere down in some corner of my heart, I feel this time we wont lie down. This time we would challenge the basic premise of Indian attitude from "Yahan aisa hi hota hai" to "Ab tak hua, lekin aage nahi hoga". This time we would continue burning these flames within. This time, it shall be different.

I don't know if it shall happen the right way, or not but today, when I was watching the flag hoisting at Delhi (which is in its 100th year of being a national capital) while singing Jana Gana Mana (which is also running in its 100th year since it was first sung publicly), I felt proud! I felt proud not just of my identity as an Indian; but also for the changing identity of India. Wish you my country, even a better year next time. I promise to make you proud the same way you made me all through. And to my countrymen, yet again a very happy Independence Day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

it all begins AGAIN at the Lords...

We are on the eve (technically morning as per IST) of watching the historical 2000th test match of Cricket history and 100th encounter between England and India. I don't think if these two teams were so evenly balanced ever before; almost nothing separates them on paper. This makes for an exciting contest and everyone is thus keenly watching each and every step of the two teams. A lot many things from Test Ranking to Record Books are also waiting desperately for this series. So, it's kind-of ideal stage for me to do what I like a lot, "Predictions". Let me take every thing one by one:

1. Who will hit century in the historical Lords test - It doesn't matter how I much wish to see Sachin make it happen, I think it's not going to be that way. In fact I feel, Mukund has got better chances than Sachin. Anyways, in my opinion, the lucky chap whose name will go down in the history books as the one who hit century in the historic test shall be- Rahul Dravid or Alastair Cook or both. And yeah, I think no bowler would be able to do a five-four here,

2.  Series Results- India 2 - England 1. My original opinion was a 2-2 however I feel that 'Dhoni' factor might save India from the blushes at Edgbaston.

3. Man of the Series - Gautam Gambhir / Jonathan Trott

4. Where will Sachin hit his 100th international century? Trent Bridge is my pick for 'that' event.

So, that was me with my share of predictions; hopefully you all enjoyed it. If not, then please go and watch today's match; I'm sure you will enjoy at least that.

P.S. Just one hope: Rain doesn't play the deciding factor and gives us an anti-climax. Let Rain(a) reigns supreme, this time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nokia or No-kia??

Nokia has been for mobile phones in India, what Maruti has been for cars. "Low-maintenance, High-Performance" has been the key for Indian market. Whether it was 3310 (first handset of most of us) or 1100 (Made-for-India), Nokia always delivered on the regular customer demand.

However, this trend is reversing since quite some time. Since last couple of years, the influx of chinese-turned-indian-local handset manufacturers like Lava, Micromax, Karbonn, Maxx has damaged Nokia's faithful low-end segment. While in medium-to-high end, the only entity responsible for Nokia's downfall is its ego. First their ego prevented them for long from introducing new trends like touchscreen. They trusted blindly on their own research which came down to much lower levels from those high days of 1100 when they came up with exactly what people wanted. It indeed was a "Made for India" set. As they say, 'Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow" This particular emotion was missing from their picture which lead to supposedly the biggest blunder in their tele-communication history.

That blunder is 'ignoring android'. Their OS was always good and did its bid for them until Android struck. Symbian was at par with other operating systems in the market until two years ago, and hence it was good at Nokia's part to stick with the same. It took some time for them to realize that Android was damaging their sales, their market, almost everything on which they built their empire. However, it was still fine if they had acted smartly and went for a gradual change. But the funny part was, their ego again came in the way and they extended their mobile battles to OS levels. Now, this was the biggest blunder which I was talking about.

I'm not against competing in newer spaces or against vertical/horizontal integration. Being an MBA, I actually appreciate such concepts even more. However, I'm against competing in such newer spaces, which will eventually damage (if not kill) your existing business. In this regard, I see GE or for that matter, Reliance quite highly. They have expanded their reach, but never on the cost of existing foothold. Here, Nokia faltered. They started competing in OS space knowing very well that it might seriously damage their handset business.

And then came the biggest decision of all-time, they joined hands with Microsoft. Seriously? Seriously?? Two defeated war veterans joined hands to improve their fortunes. From Microsoft's point of view, I think it's a good move after all they want to take down Google (which is definitely planning for a big entry in desktop OS space after a superhit Android stint) which is soon becoming their nemesis in each and every business they operate in. However, it is foolish for Nokia to get involved in this battle. What's there for them to gain out of it? They are still superior in a few things than their peers. Still, they enjoy better brand name than the likes of Samsung or Motorolla or HTC. Only logical way for them could have been to improve on their handset specs, particularly the way they look (Indians have i-phone, galaxy and xperia in their hands now), and let the brand name do the job for them.

I don't know what will happen in future but I strongly feel that this OS war is not going to take Nokia anywhere. Still, not everything is lost and I hope they would come out strongly from this mess and keep connecting people.

P.S. - Samsung Galaxy S2 is now my primary phone, but I still love that Nokia switch-on tune on my N-82 and 1600.

Friday, June 17, 2011

And I'm back

So, it's starting all over again. I know, it’s more than cliché (I googled a lot but just couldn’t find the extreme word for cliché) for me to call it another re-entry in the blogosphere. I've entered and exited a lot many times, so many times that I have just lost the count. By now, even I should not be trusting myself to keep up the tempo and stay here for too long. However, despite all those self-realizations; I somehow got tempted to write again. There are a lot many things running through my mind and am yet to decide on what note should I start. Last all beginnings were on higher levels, so this time I want it to be a low-key affair. Hopefully, I would come up with something interesting for my next post; till then, ta ta!

P.S. - Forgot to welcome you all, for this would-be-wonderful journey!