Thursday, July 21, 2011

it all begins AGAIN at the Lords...

We are on the eve (technically morning as per IST) of watching the historical 2000th test match of Cricket history and 100th encounter between England and India. I don't think if these two teams were so evenly balanced ever before; almost nothing separates them on paper. This makes for an exciting contest and everyone is thus keenly watching each and every step of the two teams. A lot many things from Test Ranking to Record Books are also waiting desperately for this series. So, it's kind-of ideal stage for me to do what I like a lot, "Predictions". Let me take every thing one by one:

1. Who will hit century in the historical Lords test - It doesn't matter how I much wish to see Sachin make it happen, I think it's not going to be that way. In fact I feel, Mukund has got better chances than Sachin. Anyways, in my opinion, the lucky chap whose name will go down in the history books as the one who hit century in the historic test shall be- Rahul Dravid or Alastair Cook or both. And yeah, I think no bowler would be able to do a five-four here,

2.  Series Results- India 2 - England 1. My original opinion was a 2-2 however I feel that 'Dhoni' factor might save India from the blushes at Edgbaston.

3. Man of the Series - Gautam Gambhir / Jonathan Trott

4. Where will Sachin hit his 100th international century? Trent Bridge is my pick for 'that' event.

So, that was me with my share of predictions; hopefully you all enjoyed it. If not, then please go and watch today's match; I'm sure you will enjoy at least that.

P.S. Just one hope: Rain doesn't play the deciding factor and gives us an anti-climax. Let Rain(a) reigns supreme, this time.

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